Welcome to Ajax Records

We are an up and coming web development company based in Toronto, Canada featuring the experience and creative energy needed for you to stay competitive in our rapidly changing world.  With a focus for the online gaming world, including online casinos, we provide the latest in page design utilizing HTML5 to ensure seamless play across multiple platforms.  We offer multiple services to ensure all your online work maintains a singular look and feel for transparent use for your customers, no matter where they are accessing your company from across the world.

Your customers will discover your company through a multitude of media platforms.  While web development is at the base of our corporate structure, we are well aware that integration with traditional print, television, and radio outlets must be included in any marketing campaign to ensure the widest audience saturation prior to launch.

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If you are seeking dynamic programming combined with targeted content and the engines able to support the latest games, give Ajax Records a call. We look forward to discussing your needs as soon as possible.

Web Development

Whether you simply need a static home page as a game description, or a multi-layered site able to serve as the engine for interactive game play and secure payment options, we hope you’ll consider Ajax Records. Our team of highly trained individuals have a bottomless well of cutting edge ideas so we can breathe life into your ideas for a successful entry into the online casino and gaming world. Our team will sit down with you to create informative pages that are easy to navigate, attract attention, and bring memorable clicking moments for the random guest.  The longer a guest remains on your site, the more likely they are to spend cash.

App Development

When launching websites or a new game, it is key to understand in the 21st century that compatibility with Android and Apple phone apps is key to success.  We stay current with daily updates and work through changes to security protocols to ensure that your games and your customers’ information remains accessible, yet secure for daily use.  Ease of use is key.

Graphic Design

We hired some of the best graphic designers from across the world for your new website. Able to generate static or dynamic websites, they will work with you to come up with a look and feel for your interactive world that will individualize your presence in the online casino community. Banner ads, clickable social media images, daily memes and other graphic advertising properties will help you to make as big a splash as possible in order to grab the attention of new customers. Please visit the Dutch online casino portal nederlandse online casino gids to view some of our latest graphic design work.

Branding Across Media

Ajax Records understands that a single website is not the only place that your customers will see your company.  It’s important to generate visual and audio cues that will be present every time a customer clicks onto your online casino.  We’ll ensure company logos, unique games, and even your payment screens will all reflect the brand you bring to your business each and every day.  Whether you are talking about the world wide web, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or any other social media platform that may pop up, we’ll have you covered.

Campaign Websites

For the launch of a new product, our marketing department will build a strategy and the campaign websites needed to saturate the market with mentions of a unique game or tournament.  Coordination and presence on the internet and traditional media is needed in order to build mentions and clicks, such that on launch day, you will see the new traffic required for success.  Ask us what is included in a Campaign service.  We’ll be happy to share!

Current Marketing Strategies

If you’ve been working with marketing companies established long ago in traditional media markets, you are likely missing out on the fluid platforms of today’s selling opportunities. We have a fully staffed marketing department that has built their experience in today’s business world.  None have been out of school longer than a decade, ensuring they are in touch with all the latest strategies.  They have an innate understanding of how social and traditional medias blend in order that you will reach the widest audience possible when building your next online casino game.