About Us

At Ajax Records we understand when you select a company to help build and guide your image, it is important to see where that company came from and the instances in life that helped to construct their business philosophy.  We hope you enjoy getting to know us better.

Who We Are

We are Andy Dephresne, Jacqueline Bonneau, and Arthur Confit.  The X in Ajax stands for X Marks the Spot. We found the office space for our startup company just off of High Park.  The older building with its Victorian trim work called to the three of us.  In the massive front parlor, we envisioned sitting in the sun and typing away on our laptops, so we dubbed it our X.

Andy graduated from the University of Toronto in 2008 with a double degree in web design and marketing. He worked for a major advertising firm in New York City for four years before returning to his home roots and starting this company.

Jacqueline enjoyed a home school education.  Her parents firmly believed that technology would drive our future economy and ensure she had all the right information to meld her creative instincts with solid programming skills.  Jackie heads out Graphic Design department, which now employs four talented young people.

Arthur works his cell phone like there’s no tomorrow.  He is the networking magician, building our client list and recruiting talented young developers from throughout the world. We don’t think there is a bulletin board service where he is not active.  He has a personal penchant for online casinos, so he conducts constant personal research on all the latest games, tournaments and marketing campaigns by some of the largest casino companies like LeoVegas and BGO Casino.

Where We Come From

We all grew up in the small town of Russell near Ottawa.  We’ve decided that with few entertainment options for teenagers, we all turned to our computers to keep us occupied.  While we each explored different aspects of computer life, it combined for an effective team.

What We Do

Andy works the basic web designs, staying up to date with all the changes in programming languages.  It was a struggle to work through the changeover to HTML5, but now that is here, there’s no going back, and he certainly doesn’t want to return to the old style sheets. If he has a hobby outside of the office, he hasn’t shared that with the rest of us.

Jackie builds all the graphics.  The walls over her desk are giant corkboards filled with images she grabs off the internet all day long.  Recently she hired our own photographer, who roams the world sending her enough stock photography to ensure all our future graphics are 100% original.  Ian, the photographer, is currently in Milan visiting some of the world’s finest glass factories.  He says amazing things happen to light around glass.

Arthur will shake just about anybody’s hand.  If you weren’t a gaming fan before you met him,  you will be in less than an hour.  A natural salesman, and one of the friendliest folks on the planet, it is his warm personality that has our company growing in leaps and bounds.  We’ve thought about using his face for our company logo, but Arthur doesn’t approve.

Why We Design Websites

It’s a simple equation: You need websites, we understand how they should look, work and feel.  It’s a little bit like an addiction.  We can’t seem to stop tampering with code, images and outreach, even when trying to relax.

Some Fun Tidbits

Our office has a mascot.  A Norwegian Blue parrot named Harold.  He sings our doorbell each time it is rung, and sometimes just for the fun of it.  We run to the door quite a lot.

There’s a small pond in High Park just across the street from our offices. We like to have rubber duck races in it. We’ve built up a small league of competitors.

We now run Windows 10 on all our office machines. Two of them seem to have misplaced files, but we’re not concerned.